The Intriguing History Of Madison

The city of Madison is the capital of Wisconsin. Long known for being the center of both the political and intellectual pursuits of the residents it is conveniently located in the south-central area of the state. The name for the 4th president of the country, James Madison, was founded by a judge by the name of Doty, who had traveled through the area and eventually convinced others that is should be founded as the state’s capitol.

Doty had arrived at the isthmus that now is known as Madison in 1829. He absolutely loved the scenery and the land itself. In fact, he had purchased a great deal of the land soon after his arrival. However, the first white settlers to live in the area didn’t arrive until 1837. They were Eben and Rosaline Peck. However, by the mid-1860s, the city boasted about 7,000 residents and was a bustling city full of life.

It also the home of the state’s largest university, which has been ranked in the top ten public universities many times during its long history. In part due to the education, and in part due to the progressive beliefs of the state’s residents, it has long been known for being a very liberal town. It was the birthplace of many major reforms including unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, and social security. It also has been a center of various movements and was well known as being a hot spot for those that were against the Vietnam War.

Something very unique to Madison Wisconsin is the fact that the local Ho-Chunk tribe continued to live nearby until the 1940s. When most towns and states made moves to remove their native inhabitants, this city worked to ensure that they could continue their traditions on most of the land surrounding the area. They were often camped along the shores of lakes that sided both sides of the city.

Continuing its strong tradition, Madison is still the center of political and intellectual life in the state. Those seeking the best education look to the University of Wisconsin-Madison as the ideal school to attend. Additionally, the city offers a great deal of history, art, and diverse cultures to explore and enjoy. For those that enjoy a progressive style of living, it is a dream city. It is a city like no other, and given its interesting and unique history, it is definitely a place that everyone should visit.