Fun Events Held Every Year In Madison, WI

Are you planning a trip to Madison, WI in the near future? This small town plays host to dozens of annual events throughout the year. Time your visit right and you just might get to experience one for yourself. Here are three popular events the town holds every year.

1. Earth Day Challenge

As you might have guessed, this takes place every year on Earth Day. It’s a combination of town-wide celebrations and personal challenges. The goal is to enjoy the day while also making a positive difference overall. This event includes a number of smaller projects and challenges that are located at various spots throughout the city. Citizens and visitors join together to clean debris, clean trash, make the city a better place.

Taking a day off to clean up trash with strangers may not sound like a fun day for everybody, but it’s not one that you’ll soon forget. There’s a reason that so many people from out of town visit every year just to participate in the Earth Day Challenge: it makes a difference.

2. Freakfest

If you’re lucky enough to visit Madison, WI during the Halloween weekend, then you’ll be treated to the annual Freakfest. This is a massive party that includes a three-stage show with more than 15 incredible acts. Some of them are national talent and some come from right here in Madison.

Freakfest may look ghoulish and scary, but it was actually created with good intent. There was a period when the Halloween weekend in Madison meant vandalism, arrests, and fights. Freakfest was created in an attempt to bring the talent together and rebrand the holiday as a positive experience. Their plans seem to have worked because it’s one of the best days of the year for the entire family.

3. Orton Park Festival

This event has been taking place every year for the last 55 years. It’s one of the most popular music festivals in the entire state. It’s four days long and located in the beautiful east side. Every year, musical talent from around the state comes together with local vendors and businesses to host this event. It’s a highly recommended experience if you love good food and good music.

Plan Ahead And Have Fun

There’s always something to do in Madison, WI. Even if you miss the events above there’s likely another one right around the corner. Be sure to plan ahead and you’re guaranteed to have fun.